Timiș County Youth Foundation (FITT) is expanding its team and it’s looking for young people who are up for a change, full of energy to do good! We want you in our team to create activities, opportunities and cool contexts together, just right for the development of the young people in Timișoara. 


Job openings 



Let’s stART (funded by the European Solidarity Corps): 1-year jobs for young artists between 18-30 years old, Romanian or European citizen/resident living in Timișoara, who encounter economic, social, educational, cultural or any other kind of obstacles. 

  • Artist (visual, plastic or musical) 

Find out more and apply HERE. 



FITT-up (funded by the European Solidarity Corps): 1-year jobs for youth between 18-30 years old, with another European citizenship/residence besides Romanian, from Timișoara, who encounter economic, social, educational, cultural or any other kind of obstacles. 

Find out more and apply HERE. 


Volunteering positions 


  • YouThIME (project funded by the European Solidarity Corps): long-term volunteering project (12 months). We are looking for 8 international volunteers with the desire to develop their skills in organising, implementing and coordinating different activities, projects and events in our Youth Centres. Find out more and apply HERE. 
  • Youth Centres Up 2 (project funded by the ESC): long-term volunteering project (12 months). We aim to create new youth centres in Timisoara. 2 international volunteers wanted. Find out more and apply HERE. 


If you need help or support during the application process, you can contact us at: programe@fitt.ro, 0769 359 680.