We are excited to announce that this July, we will be welcoming our new volunteers from Youth4Ukraine team volunteering, financed by the European Commission! 10 people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures are going to join us in Timisoara.

Our partners in this project are from Spain – Alianza and from Poland – LOGOS.

­čöŹ The project will focus on:┬á

  • Gender Approach in Working with Refugees: Promoting gender-sensitive methods to support refugees effectively.┬á
  • European Values: Upholding the core values that define the European community.┬á
  • Human Rights: Ensuring that the fundamental rights of every individual are respected and protected.┬á
  • Active Participation: Encouraging community engagement and active involvement in societal development.┬á

We are looking forward to this amazing journey and can’t wait to make a positive impact together!┬á