Be part of our team! 


Timiș County Youth Foundation (FITT) is expanding its team and it’s looking for young people who are up for a change, full of energy to do good! We want you in our team to create together activities, opportunities and cool contexts, just right for the development of the young people in Timișoara. 

After the creation of the new spaces for youth – by arranging 5 youth centres in Timișoara’s neighbourhoods – the need of extending the team of young people who create and carry on the #MagicOfFITT in these spaces appeared naturally. 


We created a couple of jobs for young artists, for a period of 1 year. The positions are created within the Let’s stART project (funded by the European Solidarity Corps), which proposes to raise youth employability and to create new opportunities for the young people of Timișoara. Moreover, in the light of this project, we raise the organization’s capacity, preparing ourselves for Timișoara, European Capital of Culture 2023! 

What do we want from you? 

– To possess skills in fine and applied arts or musical arts; 

– To get involved in organising events or workshops; 

– To have the skills to facilitate a creative workshop; 

– To develop your curatorial skills in an exhibition; 

– Because we are a large (and nice) group, it is very important to be able to work efficiently both as a team and independently. 

What are you going to do? 

You will take part in learning activities related to your field; 

-You will facilitate at least one participatory art workshop per month; 

-You will create at least one work of art related to your field; 

-You will organise and curate in an open exhibition; 

-You will learn elements related to logistics and marketing for cultural events; 

-You will organise the work in the field of art; 

-You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists; 

-You will have the opportunity to meet other international workers or volunteers. 

This position offers the artist the opportunity to develop skills in promoting events, as well as the chance to practice and excel in the field of art. At the same time, it offers the possibility of development in the field of facilitating creative workshops and in organising exhibitions. 

Who can apply? 

As one of the main objectives of the project is to offer a work experience for young people who encounter difficulties in entering the labour market, we are in search of youth who are between 18 and 30 years old, Romanian or European citizen/resident, from Timișoara, from any other part of the country (willing to relocate) and from Europe, who encounter economic, social, educational, cultural or any other kind of obstaclesHere you can find an illustration of these obstacles, and if you are not sure if you belong to one of these categories, don’t hesitate to contact us to check it (at the end of this article you can find our contact details).  


The main activity takes place in Casa Tineretului (Youth House) and in the 5 youth centres from Timișoara’s neighbourhoods. The job can be part-time (2-4 hours/5 days a week) for those who are still studying or full time (8 hours/5 days a week) for those who finished their studies (with or without a bachelor degree/master degree) and are maximum 24 years old. 


Apply here until 20.07.2021. The selection process will involve an interview too. 

Beyond that…. 

We wish that your 1-year experience with us be one with new developed transversal skills, apart from the basic ones, consisting of: 

– teamwork, digital, intercultural, and communication skills and knowledge; 

– behaviours – the main behavioural component is the one of an employee so that you will have the chance to develop the sense of responsibility, to get to know your rights but also your obligations as an employee; 

– attitudes – the whole work philosophy within FITT is centred around the European Council promoted values, FITT representing a certified youth centre by the European Council. The focus of your activity will be on solidarity and close cooperation with the community from Timișoara. 

It is important to be known that you will also have a mentor to help you in this process of integration and to support you throughout your whole activity. 

Regarding the salary, for a full-time job, 8 hours/day, it will be around 1.346 lei/month net wage, and for the 4 hours/day, it will be around 673 lei/month net wage. To this net wage, regardless of the work schedule – full time or part-time – it is added an amount of 3 euros/day, representing relocation allowance, during the first 6 months. 

So, what do you say? 

If we succeeded to convince you, it’s your turn now: convince us of your motivation and your desire to join our team. 



If you need help or support during the application process, you can contact us at: programe@fitt.ro, 0769 359 680.