Transnational and Interdisciplinary Seminars and the Round Tables

sport against violence

Collaboration is the key to success of Europe tackling the economic, social and environmental issues. The current project involves partners – NGOs public bodies, that believe in the sport and physical activities are universal power to both improve the personal and professional well-being of the individuals and businesses, the youth and the adults, which effectiveness is till underestimated and not exploited enough by the stakeholders for the EUROPA 2020 strategy fulfillment.

The mix of all activities has another added value at EU level – the SPORT FOR ALL project involves various approaches, and will gather experts from different sectors, to reflect on the multydimension effect on sports to the youth /and adults also health. In this respect, particular attention will be paid to the sport and physical activities for any child in the 7 countries.


The “SPORT AGAINST VIOLENCE” – transnational and interdisciplinary seminars and the round tables /A1/ for experts and specialists working for or interested to attribute to combating violence – for youth in schools via sports, social care, psychological counseling and etc. will involve – teachers and education managers at mass and sport schools and kindergardens, experts in sports, social care institutions, psychology experts and medical workers, public authorities – the police officers, representatives of municipalities, parents and representatives of NGOs active in the sport field and discrimination, youth care and etc. practically from all the 7 partnering countries. The intensive trainings, the debates and the match-making activities, the collaboration for new joint projects in this respect has wider transnational impact which can hardly be achieved via the same events conducted in the respective countries.

This activity aims to investigate innovative approaches for joint activities involving sport as a method for decreasing the school violence, tackle aggression among youth and increase the effective collaboration among stakeholders for fighting the school aggression and any form of intolerance and discrimination.

Regarding the SPORT FOR US ALL activity /2/, which is an also transnational /involving target groups participant from 7 countries in interactive trainings, mobile trainings and match-making activities the total number of direct beneficiaries from the 7 participating countries involved is at least 818.

The EQUALITY IN SPORTS /A3/ which trainings, seminars, match-making sessions and discussion events will focus on SPORT FOR YOUTH with disabilities, social, cultural, and etc. disadvantages/, will involve more than 323 stakeholders representatives from the 7 countries.

The SPORT VOLUNTEERING – BE ACTIVE, BE HAPPY/A4/, will involve 175 stakeholders for volunteering in sports from the 7 countries. This activity will focus on participation of youth and adults interested in sport volunteering. Target groups: any individual interested in sport volunteering/ public authorities – so as to inform their citizens on the opportunities, any professional, or representatives of the voluntary sectors, NGOs, the education system, the social care system, the business sector and individuals and etc. no matter of his/her professional background and capacity motivated and able to act as project multiplier in his community or professional field. The participation of organizations, active in voluntary activities /with mature projects looking for partners in sports, or with relevant expertise in sport volunteering will be encouraged/. The open office in addition will involve at transnational level more than 500 individuals and stakeholders representatives, and will directly and indirectly inform and increase the competences, skills or match-making for sport volunteering in more than 80 000 people from the whole world.

The STAKEHOLDERS FOR SPORTS/A5/ will provide for the intensive training, expertise exchange, match-making and collaboration activities, of 283 stakeholders for sports from the 7 participating countries. The main goal of this activity is to raise the public institutions awareness on sport and physical activities as an effective instrument for improving the social capital of the EU. Sport is probably the only one and universal instrument that can change the health for the better and improve the professional results to young and adults, rich and poor, disadvantaged and lucky.

The PROMOTING THE ECONOMIC DIMENSIONS OF SPORT /A6/will engage in trainings, expertise exchange and match-making activities, more than 120 stakeholders from the 7 participating countries.

THE SPORT FOR ALL PROJECT will be implemented in the following countries: Bulgaria, FYROM, GREECE, TURKEY, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, PORTUGAL. The ROMANIAN team responsible for the project is Timis County Youth Foundation.