Project title: “Become a Volunteer! Change the World!”

Location: Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA

Period: 1 September 2016 – 28 February 2017




Objectives of the project: – To take 4 young people, between 17 – 30 years old, who are unemployed, quitted or excluded from the formal education system in our organization for a period of 6 months each/ maximum 2 at the same time/; – to improve their professional skills, knowledge and competences so that after their EVS project , they will have higher chances for professional realization on the labour market or in general; – to help with the professional orientation of the young people in Europe, in order to increase their chances to find a job; – to promoteyouth employment in the European Union, while enhancing their skills and
qualifications, with special emphasis on combating youth unemployment; – to promote European youth programs;


Read more about it here in the Official Infopack:  https://goo.gl/a6kWA5

To apply, send a CV and start a conversation with Vasil Tanev using tanev.vasil@yahoo.com or +359887973139 .