What it is about…

Set the Tempo! is a long-term ESC project (12 months) about social inclusion, human rights, solidarity, about YOU working shoulder to shoulder with FITT’s team, getting familiar with youth work and the general functioning of youth NGOs.

After the largest volunteering project in Europe, Youth Centres UP, in which 93 young people from Europe and not only, worked together with more than 30 Romanian volunteers for setting up 5️YOUTH CENTERS in the neighborhoods of Timisoara, we are looking now for 10 volunteers with the desire to develop their skills in organising, implementing and coordinating different activities, projects and events in these Youth Centres.

The project will start in January 2020 and it will end in January 2021.

The project aims to…

… raise the awareness among young people, in Timisoara, of the importance of voluntary activities for their personal development, presenting them opportunities to volunteer in a local and international level;

… promote inclusion and human rights education among young people from Timisoara, by implementing weekly workshops;

… developing skills to increase the employability of the 10 volunteers, by familiarizing them with youth work and youth NGOs;

… dynamize activities in 5 different neighborhoods of Timisoara, in the newly built youth centres, engaging young people in non-formal education workshops regarding human rights and youth participation;

… debate and explore the concepts of youth participation and active citizenship at local, national and European level, with the young people from the marginalized neighborhoods in Timisoara.


What you’ll get with you…

  • Skills that are used in youth work – Working together with our youth workers in different communities of Timisoara you’ll become more tolerant and more understanding with other people and groups of young people and you will be able to face different aspects of their social life;
  • Communication skills in a foreign language – English will be used in the interaction with FITT staff (all educational and program activities staff are English speakers) and because you will stay in Timisoara for one year you will be able to learn also Romanian(at a basic level) – support from FITT staff in order to reach that goal, but also from the local community;
  • Learning to learn competence – You will be introduced in the youth work area, FITT being a Quality Labelled Youth Centre by Council of Europe is prepared to offer you all the tools developed by the Youth Department from Council of Europe. Ability to learn by yourself will be developed, because you will have the opportunity to develop new and innovative activities starting from the resources that we have;
  •  Solidarity behavior – Working day by day in a local community, discovering their challenges and together identifying solutions will be the perfect context to develop an enhance this skill;
  •  A life changing experience – having a 12 months experience in a foreign country, for you it will be enough time to discover some of your strengths and topics of interest, and you’ll have a more clear view on where to head to the labour market and your professional life;
  • Organizing capacity and coordination skills – you’ll be responsible for initiating and implementing different activities and events. You will have the liberty to use the resources of FITT to develop together with local community the planned activities.

Profile of volunteers

  •  Having between 18 and 30 years old;
  •  Fluent in English;
  •  Happy to work with youth;
  •  Excited to develop new skills in organizing, implementing and coordinating activities;
  • Having residence in one of eligible countries;
  •  Brave enough to move for one year in another country 😀


You are probably curious, so here are you can access to the 5 Youth Centers Facebook pages

Just click on the name of each of them 🙂

You don’t have to worry about…

Accommodation and meals – these will be provided in the accommodation facilities of the Youth House. You will stay for 12 months in your suite room. The meals will be your responsibility, you will have a shared kitchen and you’ll receive money dedicated to this, every month (5 EUR – food allowance/day), and of course you’ll receive pocket money too (3 EUR/day).

Local transportation and airport transfer  – you will be picked up at the airport by the activities coordinator to avoid any critical or discomfort. Volunteers will be given subscriptions to public transport in Timisoara.

Integration and adaptation processes – you will be included in FITT’s team of the volunteers since the first moment of your arrival. You will have an FITT-appointed coordinator to accompany and facilitate your activities within the project. Also, you will be given a resource person, a mentor (outside of FITT staff) who will guide you in the learning process.


If you are curious, read more details about the project in the InfoPack and if you got convinced, APPLY HERE!