Training of trainers

In the framework of the Power Youth Up project, we participated from the 20th to the 27th of April 2023 in the Training of Trainers in Puerto de la Cruz, hosted by our partners POD.

The training was highly interactive as the youth workers brought their own knowledge, skills, and insights with them. Therefore, the training included practical and creative workshops, role-playing, group discussions, and group work, all within the non-formal education methodology. We shared and exchanged experiences, tried out methods from the other partners, discussed how they worked, and consistently sought improvement.

The objectives of the training were to test the different methods designed by the partners during the development of Intellectual Output 2 (IO2), provide training before the local piloting of each partner, and foster stronger bonds among the staff from different organizations.

As FITT, we presented two activities that we proposed for IO2, which are innovative and creative methods we hadn’t used before. These activities are “Green Action through Photovoice” and “Participatory Art Activity” using wall murals or ceramics.

Pilot activities

We also enjoyed most of the activities proposed by our partners but chose to pilot the “Eco Rally” activity proposed by our partners, Solidarity Track from Greece. This activity is a treasure hunt in the city with the main goal of teaching young people about various environmental issues and how to take action. We implemented this activity in the summertime and we received quite good feedback and positive remarks by our local youth and volunteers. The activity was adapted to be implemented in the park with various quizzes, games, practical and  educational component.

The second pilot activity that we chose was “Plastic Crafts,” proposed by Youth Coop from Portugal. This practice focuses on plastic, how it is produced, and ways we can recycle it to take care of our planet. During this activity we talked with our  youth about different types of plastic, symbols that are written on all the plastic objects and the danger of microplastics.

We selected both of these activities because we observed that most of our local youth are interested in climate change and environmental action. FITT is interested in ways it can help the youth in discovering new passions and valuing their interests and helping youth workers in developing their competences in the context of Power Youth Up project.

Find more about the project HERE.