Hey! Youth Summer Fest returns this summer in Timișoara and Lugoj with incredible experiences with young volunteers from all over the world and from Romania, to bring an explosion of diversity, colour and fun into your life!

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We have prepared exciting events for you that will get you out of the house. Whether you’re looking for heart-pounding music, energizing activities or horizon-opening exhibitions, Youth Summer Fest awaits you with a variety of activities, both in English and translated, as well as in Romanian, and the best thing is that it’s all FREE!

It would help us to register to have a situation of the participants and stay in touch, but participation in the events can also be done without prior registration. The materials for each activity will be provided by us.

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  • July 20, 19:30 – Opening day: Cultural market & concert (The Backyard of the Youth House)

Come meet the more than 50 international, national and local volunteers, who gathered in Timișoara for a month, during the Youth Summer Fest, to organize activities with and for the young people from Timișoara and Lugoj! The opening event will take the form of an intercultural market, and you, as a visitor, can stop by each country’s stand and discover the stories, traditions, cultural specificities and even enjoy traditional snacks. Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, France, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Morocco, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey are the countries represented. Sounds good? Wait, there’s more! In addition to the intercultural market, we will also enjoy a concert by a group of young artists from Egypt.

  • July 21, 18:00 – Board games night (Lugoj Youth Centre)

Come discover the exciting world of board games and spend an evening full of laughter, strategy and friendly competition! We await you in a universe full of strategies and fun, where you can meet international volunteers, share experiences and create connections throughout the evening. So get ready to test your mind and have fun!

  • July 21, 19:00 – PlayDay (Regina Maria Park)

Games aren’t just for kids! Let’s enjoy sports activities and competitive games together. We challenge your skills and stamina in a series of addictive games where competitive spirit meets pure fun!

  • July 21, 19:00 – The evening bike ride (departure from the Youth House)

How about a bike ride when it starts to cool down outside? We love meeting new people and riding bikes, and a combination of the two is the perfect formula for a great night out! We leave from the Youth House and during the walk, we will take breaks to get to know each other better. Join the WhatsApp group to stay up to date with event details: https://chat.whatsapp.com/C9V1fFupo4fCIfPCx1iZbl

  • July 22, 18:00 – Sports Tournament (Botanic Park)

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting to discover the joy of movement, our tournament gives you the opportunity to train, develop your skills and connect with other sports enthusiasts. See you to connect through movement!

  • July 22, 18:00 – Take it easy, Emotional Intelligence Workshop (conference room, Youth House)

Explore your emotions through interactive activities, discussions and practical exercises! We will learn methods to develop our skills of self-reflection and managing emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

  • July 22, 18:30 – Dance battle (rotonda room, Youth House)

From gravity-defying breakdancing to soulful contemporary moves, this competition is the place where everyone has something to show. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, gather your friends and get ready to dance!

  • July 23, 18:00 – Handcraft workshop (room 003-004, Youth House)

Embrace your creative side at the handcraft workshop! Let’s create decorations and personalized objects through artisanal techniques and let your imagination take shape in every detail made with your hands.

  • July 23-25 – Mental health through photos (conference room, Youth House) – 3 days workshop

We invite you to express your creativity and emotions through photography and stories in our mental health and photovoice workshop. During three days, you will learn phone photography techniques, and how to create stories, and at the end, you will take photos accompanied by stories, which express feelings and emotions. Availability to participate for all 3 days is important. Schedule: July 23, 17:00; July 24 & 25, 14:00.

  • July 27, 18:00 – SKETCH UP & MUST ART (Youth House, main hall)

Beginners or experienced in the arts, let’s get lost together among contours, lines and shadows! Whether you prefer to draw landscapes, portraits or fantastic illustrations, you will have the opportunity to explore different techniques and share experiences with other enthusiasts.

  • July 27, 18:00 – Green Mindset (conference room, Youth House)

Discover essential knowledge about the importance of conserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity and reducing environmental impact! At this workshop you will discover and have the chance to share practical strategies to contribute to a more sustainable future, from recycling and energy efficiency to responsible consumption and waste reduction. Let’s be the protectors of the planet!

  • July 28, 18:00 – Debate & Speech (conference room, Youth House)

Discover the power of words and the art of debate in an open and friendly environment. The workshop gives you the opportunity to develop your communication skills and learn techniques to use in debates and speeches. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or just starting to explore the art of public speaking, you’ll find inspiration with us.

  • July 28, 18:00 – Stay safe on the Internet! (room 211, Youth House)

In an ever-expanding digital age, it is crucial to protect our accounts, personal data and digital devices. In this workshop, you will discover practical methods and useful tips to strengthen your online security.

  • July 28, 19:00 – The evening bike ride (departure from the Youth House)

How about a bike ride when it starts to cool down outside? We love meeting new people and riding bikes, and a combination of the two is the perfect formula for a great night out! We leave from the Youth House and during the walk, we will take breaks to get to know each other better. Join the WhatsApp group to stay up to date with event details: https://chat.whatsapp.com/C9V1fFupo4fCIfPCx1iZbl

  • July 29, 18:00 – Board Games & Picnic (Carmen Sylva Park)

What do you like about board games? The strategy, the mystery or maybe the competition?! Escape the daily routine and bring your favourite games and friends… or just friends, because we also bring games and let’s have fun!

  • July 30, 18:00 – Hangout & Play (green space in front of the Youth House)

From team games and outdoor sports to engaging board games or fun trivia sessions and competitions, you’re sure to find something to inspire you and take you out of the everyday.

  • July 30, 18:00 – The mask of culture (Youth House, main hall)

Let’s break cultural stereotypes and celebrate diversity together! Get ready to share, learn, and discover new things on a fascinating cultural journey.

  • July 30, 17:00 – Hiking in Lugoj (departure from Lugoj Youth Centre)

Let’s go on an adventure, in nature, where we will have the opportunity to spend quality time together and enjoy discussions on current topics in young people’s lives.

  • August 2, 18:00 – Let’s get creative, art workshop (Youth House, main hall)

Regardless of whether you are passionate about painting, drawing, collage or even working with recyclable materials, come join us in a workshop where we let ourselves be guided by creativity!

  • August 2, 18:00 – Bring your colour, let’s make a big picture together (green space in front of the Youth House)

Let’s turn a blank canvas together into a common work that we all contribute to, personalizing it and bringing it to life with different colors and shapes!

  • August 2, 18:00 – Cultural corner – treasure hunt (departure from the Youth House)

We invite you to take part in a treasure hunt through the city, where we will explore cultural diversity in a unique and exciting way. With the help of our international volunteers, you will discover elements of their culture through simple and fun challenges.

  • August 3, 18:00 – Impro theatre (Lugoj Youth Centre)

If you are passionate about theatre and want to experience the magic of improvisation, this event is perfect for you. We offer you an opportunity to learn and have fun in a creative, non-conformist and multicultural environment!

  • August 3, 20:00 – Poetry & music (In the Backyard of the Youth House)

Because our city is art, we celebrate it together with young poets and musicians from Timișoara. We bring together the cenacles and literary clubs of the city in a relaxing urban atmosphere, under the lights of the summer garden of the Youth House.

  • August 4, 18:00 – Part of the chain, Eco Workshop (Regina Maria Park)

Discover the power of your actions in protecting the environment. This eco workshop offers you a unique opportunity to learn, connect with nature and contribute to a sustainable future.

  • August 4, 18:00 – Equality walk (departure from the Youth House)

Let’s “move for change”. We are waiting for you for a walk through the city, in a friendly atmosphere, where we openly discuss topics of inclusion, solidarity and tolerance, explore the challenges faced by young people from Timisoara and identify the solutions we can implement to solve them.

  • August 4, 19:00 – The evening bike ride (departure from the Youth House)

How about a bike ride when it starts to cool down outside? We love meeting new people and riding bikes, and a combination of the two is the perfect formula for a great night out! We leave from the Youth House and during the walk, we will take breaks to get to know each other better. Join the WhatsApp group to stay up to date with event details: https://chat.whatsapp.com/C9V1fFupo4fCIfPCx1iZbl

  • August 4, 20:00 – Outdoor movie (The Backyard of the Youth House)

Let’s enjoy a summer evening properly, with a good movie, popcorn, on a green space, under the open sky. The projected film will be announced later.

  • August 5, 18:00 – Intercultural picnic (Lidia Park)

It’s the perfect time to relax in a friendly atmosphere, enjoy some outdoor snacks and make new connections with people both in the city and around the world.

  • August 5, 18:00 – Water fight (green space in front of the Youth House)

We’re fighting the summer heat with a classic water fight and fun competitions!

  • August 5, 18:00 – Visit the foster home in Găvojdia

Children from the Găvojdia Placement Center will spend a day with the international volunteers, who have prepared a series of fun and learning activities for them.

  • August 6, 18:00 – Hello, Lugoj (Lugoj Youth Centre)

Our international volunteers come to the Lugoj Youth Centre for a surprise event. We leave the door open for you to discover what will happen at this activity. The details will remain a mystery until our team starts the prepared activities.

  • August 6, 18:00 – Eco rally (Pădurea Verde) – cancelled because of the rain

We will organize a treasure hunt-type trail in the Green Forest, with challenges through which you can learn about greening, environmental protection, selective collection and recycling.

  • August 6, 18:00 – Yoga (Youth House, rotonda room)

To encourage self-care, self-care and a healthy lifestyle alongside exercise, we would like to meet you at an open yoga activity.

  • August 6, 19:00 – Backyard and chill (The Backyard of the Youth House)

Now is the time to free yourself from everyday stress and enjoy relaxation in a friendly atmosphere, with young people from various countries, surrounded by music and in a wonderful location! Our team of international volunteers will organize a range of recreational activities and participation is free.

  • August 9, 18:00 – Living Library – Practical skills (Lipovei neighbourhood)

We bring the living library to your neighbourhood! Each of our international volunteers has a story to tell, and on August 9 we will focus on skills and knowledge that have been useful to them in life. Come read a living book!

  • August 9, 18:00 – SportRush (green space in front of the Youth House)

We challenge you to a special competition where we bring the challenges, the games and the music, and you bring the secret ingredient of this event – good will!

  • August 9, 18:00 – Let’s talk about food waste, baby! (Youth House, main hall)

In this workshop we will explore the causes and consequences of food waste, but also the effective ways to prevent this problem, proposing a series of concrete solutions that we can apply in everyday life.

  • August 10, 18:00 – Talent Show (Youth House, main hall)

We want to put you in the spotlight! Do you have a talent you want to share? Come to the talent show we have prepared for you and show us what you can do!

  • August 10, 18:00 – Let’s Dance (green space in front of the Youth House)

We organize a dance activity open to the general public, encouraging not only physical movement but also socialization and the creation of a space for artistic expression. The activity is suitable for all young people who either want to learn choreography together or simply dance freely, having the opportunity to meet new people.

  • August 10, 19:00 – Take the lid (Casa Tineretului, sala 04-06)

We will explore the themes of recycling and sustainability and discover the complex process of plastic recycling, learning more about the different types of plastic. At the same time, we will talk about the challenges of plastic and the need to recycle and reuse plastic items, giving them a new life, and being able to create jewellery and various accessories together.

  • August 10, 20:00 – Come & see (The Backyard of the Youth House)

If you like surprises and mysteries, then this activity is for you. Our team of international volunteers has prepared a series of great activities, designed to learn new things and have fun. The details will remain a mystery.

  • August 11-12, 17:00 – International Youth Day (Youth House)

On International Youth Day, let’s celebrate together the enthusiasm, effervescence and energy of young people! We have prepared for you non-formal education, artistic and socializing workshops, ending with concerts, so good music!


The Youth Summer Fest activities are financed by the European Solidarity Corps and the Timiș County Council within the Y Generate project, through the TimCultura grant program and implemented with the support of the West University of Timișoara and the Timișoara Public Transport Society.


More info about the festival:

alexandru.foale@fitt.ro; 0720 803 399