Youth Time – a long term volunteering activity

youth time long term

Youth Time is a long-term ESC project (12 months) about social inclusionhuman rightssolidarity, and about YOU working shoulder to shoulder with FITT’s team to get familiar with youth work and the general functioning of youth NGOs.

FITT, together with international & national volunteers, and the local community has turned several industrial buildings into youth centres in Timisoara, the biggest city in western Romania, and one youth centre in Lugoj, a city 60km from Timisoara. The youth centres are spaces dedicated to young people and their free expression and development. We are now looking for 14 volunteers for Timisoara and 6 volunteers for Lugoj, to run the youth centres and to organise activities for young people!

Our objectives through the project are:

  • to promote the importance of voluntary activities for personal development through volunteering at local and international levels;
  • to promote inclusion and human rights education among young people from Timișoara, by implementing weekly workshops for 12 months and using human rights education methods;
  • to develop skills in order to increase employability for the 20 international volunteers by familiarising them with youth work and youth NGOs;
  • to organise activities in different neighbourhoods (in FITT’s youth centres), engaging young people in non-formal education workshops regarding human rights education and youth participation;
  • to debate and explore the concepts of youth participation and active citizenship at local, national, and European levels, with young people from marginalized neighbourhoods in Timisoara.

Main project’s activities:

  1. Making presentations about volunteering and its benefits at the local and European level, and organising non-formal animation and educational activities on various topics such as active citizenship, human rights, social inclusion, etc.;
  2. Facilitating weekly workshops on Human Rights Education, using non-formal education methods and promoting debate among the participants in the youth centres;
  3. Animating the youth centres, engaging young people in non-formal education through weekly workshops regarding human rights and youth participation;
  4. Managing and maintaining the youth centres in clean and good condition.

The volunteers we are looking for are…

  • Having between 18 and 30 years old;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Having residence in one of the EU countries;
  • Happy to work with youth;
  • Excited to develop new skills in organising, implementing and coordinating activities;
  • Brave enough to move for one year to another country.

Find out more about the project in the Info Pack. If you loved what you have read, fill in the application form and we will get in contact with you.