Find Yourself in Hogwarts is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, and it is brought to life by Sabai Training Organization to show you the wonderful symbolism and hidden (or not so hidden) meanings of the Harry Potter Universe. They have created this project to support youth on their personal development journey, as well as to give space to them to get familiar with their thought and emotional patterns.

Participant’s profile

  • Sufficient language skills
  • Familiarity with the Harry Potter Universe
  • Willingness to take part in an intense personal development journey
  • Ages between 18 – 30

Each country can delegate 4 participants + 1 group leader.

Orosdy Castle is located in the heart of Pilis, surrounded by mountains and forests. The mysterious ambience will surely have an impact on this unique Youth Exchange.

Activities and methods

  • Discover your fears and beliefs with the Boggart
  • Find your inner power through the Patronus charm
  • Realise your deepest desires in front of Mirror of Erised
  • Learn empathy through the symbolism of Thestrals
  • What does the Room of Requirement hold for you?

During this Exchange, we are going to reveal and discover the hidden meanings of the Harry Potter Universe. Through unique non-formal activities, group work, discussion and movement, this exchange is to support you on your inner journey.

The programme consists of 7 full working days. It will start in the evening on the 3rd of December and ends on the morning of the 11th.

All of your expenses are covered by the Erasmus+ Programme. However there is a participation fee of 30€. If that amount is hardly feasible for you, contact the organizers. Food and accommodation will be provided by the organisers. Your travel expenses will be reimbursed based on the Erasmus+ distance calculator via bank transfer, after the project. In order to receive your reimbursement, we need you to have all your travel documents presented.

Partner organisations:
  • Associazione Vagamondo (Italy)
  • YOUnique Organization (Czech Republic)
  • Youth Empowerment Association (North Macedonia)
  • Youth Senate Tallin (Estonia)
  • Fundația Județeană pentru Tineret Timiș (România)

Apart from the basic Application Form, in order to fulfil your application, you have to fill in a personality test. Be as honest with yourself as possible! The organisers will use the results later on in the project. Please make sure that you fill in the personality test on your personal computer (PC) or Tablet. You can fill in on your mobile phone as well, but you might run into some issues.

Personality Test: https://mirror-of-flesruoy-personality-test.netlify.app

Application Form (deadline 24 Oct.): shorturl.at/huILM 

In the application process, the main factor is the application form. However, the personality test will play its role as well in the selection of participants. Remember that there are no good or bad answers, just be as truthful to yourself as possible. If you’re selected, you will receive the Hogwarts Letter with every necessary practical information you need.

Please note the this is not a usual Youth Exchange, but a deep mental and emotional journey into yourself. We will be separated next to a small village and there will be no time provided to discover Budapest during the project. Also, this is an alcohol-free project, so please plan accordingly.

Contact: info@sabaitraining.com  /  Abaffy Andras: +36 30 729 0713

Find out more about the project in the INFOPACK.