‘Youth INN – European Youth Work in Residential Educational Centres’ was a two-year partnership among seven Residential Educational Centres (RECs) across Europe. All centres were and are working in the field of European youth work – as organisations offering European educational opportunities such as youth exchanges, training courses and volunteering services, as trainers and as those promoting the European programmes and cross-border mobilities.

What unites all of us in a specific way is the fact that we hold a residential centre. So whilst working in a very mobile area of work, all of us are ‘bound’ by the fact that we have an actual physical space that needs to be filled with life. Moreover, we offer European educational programmes, mainly for youth and youth workers, and we offer hosting services, including accommodation, catering and renting out rooms.

You will find below the result of a two-year process. We attempted to gather quality criteria that should define our own work as a REC but also that of other centres across Europe that would consider themselves to be REC. Each of the seven categories in this Quality Checklist is substantiated with a number of quality criteria and we believe that it is necessary to work towards meeting all of them.


This Quality Checklist is a self-assessment guide for Residential Educational Centres (REC) across Europe as well as a guide for organisations about to set up/build a REC.

Topics in the checklist: residential aspects, sustainability, outreach to the local community, educational programmes, working with diverse groups, staff management, and financial management.

This publication is co-funded by the European Union programme Erasmus+. These recommendations have been prepared by the partner organisations of the Strategic Partnership project Youth INN: European Youth Educational Center Magdeburg, Asociación Cazalla Intercultural, Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente, Training Centre ‘Daugirdiskes, Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT), Pokret Gorana Vojvodine, Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice.