International Electronic Artistic Competition for Students
by Regional Youth Centre Košice

„QUO VADIS, HUMAN?“ (Where is this world going?)


Contest categories:
I. Two-dimensional work of art (all art technology + computer graphics)
II. Multimedia works (powerpoint slideshows, videos, music …)
Internet voting – prize for work most voted for

We live in an amazing twenty-first century. Life has never been so easy as today. We have a roof over our heads, enough to eat, our drinking water flows directly from the tap, deadly epidemics do not threaten us, the world in which we live is relatively safe. We have access to information, education, we have freedom. We have things that make our lives easier that our parents could never have imagined… So we have everything we need for a satisfied and happy life. But … Are we really happy? What do we still lack?

This year’s competition “Quo vadis, human?” bears the subtitle “Where is this world going?” and aims to encourage young people to respond to current events in human society by artistic means. Within the competition you can tackle any current issues that resonate in the human society, whether at local, regional or global level.

 Deadline:   18.11.2016
Read more about the contest here, on this link: https://goo.gl/4o5Ih0