Heart express is a youth exchange that will involve 30 young people (18-30 years old) from 5 different countries: Finland, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Hungary. The project will be held between 11th and 18th of September 2021, at the Regatta Hotel at Szigetmonostor, which is located on the Danubian Szentendre island in Hungary.

Heart express is a project that focuses on exploring creativity, creative collaboration and aims to strengthen the internal and external connections. The project is based on non-formal methods and it uses arts and mindful activities as tools for learning and connection.

We are looking for 3 Romanian young people, that:

  • are willing to actively participate throughout the whole project;
  • don’t mind intense days filled with activities from the morning till the night;
  • are willing to try meditation;
  • would like to learn about creativity and collaboration;
  • want to get to know themselves better,
  • or have any other personal motivation.

More information about the project can be found in the Info Pack. 

If you are interested into participating, please fill in the form below until the end of 29th of July.    

                                                               APPLICATION FORM