DIGITAL (r)EVOLUTION is a youth exchange hosted by FITT between 1-7 July. It aimed to empower young people, develop their digital skills, explore the benefits of digital development, identify its risks and discover methods and tools to reduce these risks. Some of the topics explored were: engaging youth through digital tools, VR technology as a tool for education, online digital tools used for both online and offline activities, critical thinking and fake news. 

The youth exchange had 38 participants from 7 countries: Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Georgia, Italy and Spain. During the week, participants from the 7 countries had team-building activities, intercultural exchanges and visits while the main topic was the digital development and digitalization of the way of working. The participants had a series of sessions for discussing the pros and cons of digital development, cyberbullying as the main theme in a treasure hunt, data protection and digital storytelling. For the last few days, the participants experienced VR technology as a tool for education in youth activities and created online campaigns focusing on the risks of digital development which affect young people. For the final day, the participants presented 5 online campaigns involving creating surveys, social media pages, videos, presentations and interviews showcasing different problems related to engagement of the youth with the digital world. 


Check the campaigns done by the participants in Digital (r)evolution:

Conciousness Online

Media literacy / fake news

Data protection

What experiences did our participants have during the Digital (r)evolution youth exchange?

The time I spent in here got me improvement in different ways: network/communication (I met amazing people from different countries and I had a great time with them),  teamwork (I experienced how to work in an international group while we all have different culture, lifestyle and while we are complete strangers to each other), new cultures (It was a great opportunity to learn more about history/tradition of different countries and even we had a chance to try some food), the digital revolution (digital tools, data protection, exploring Nokia, creating campaigns). – Ana, Georgia

This youth exchange has helped me a lot in self-development, confidence and improving in my communication skills, also improvement in working in teams, participating in activities, trying new things, overcoming my anxiety and fear of feeling judged, learning about other people, their interests/culture, getting out of my comfort zone, exploring other cultures, so many things I’m really thankful for. It has been a very good start for such a journey I want to continue and I’m forever grateful I got to meet such amazing, creative, unique people who I got to do diverse things and create memories with. This week has been one of the most productive and amazing I’ve ever had. This project was perfect for me since I’m really into digital stuff and the activities and visits were spots on and I really enjoyed and loved to see new things!! – Ema Radu, Romania

It’s amazing to meet people with diverse backgrounds and improve our intercultural competence, learn as well many things through the workshops that we did and activities, and corporate as a team to complete the tasks that we had to do. Knowing more about the digital revolution, also visiting the Nokia garage and the museum was amazing and we learned many things. I wished the project was longer but still it was great to get new friends. – Chaymae, Morocco

I really enjoyed this youth exchange. It was the secondo for me but the forte one abroad. Thinking about the fears and the expectations I wrote during the APV it comes to my mind that probably what I was expected is what in the end I got from spending here this experience. I learnt different non-formal education methods that I will apply at school as a teacher. I also learnt a lot about other cultures. And last but not least, I learnt things in the digital field like the importance of data protection. I liked the energizers and also Timişoara city life. I learnt that FITT is a huge and very interesting ONG. – Elena Rimondi, Italy

The place where the project took place was amazing with all the colourful paintings all over the walls. Timisoara was so much better than I expected. The downtown is awesome and the jazz festival was also fantastic. I enjoyed all the activities and the visit to Nokia Garage was undeniably my favourite one. I’m glad I got the chance to be here and meet these amazing people from many countries all over the world. – Szilvia, Hungary