Erasmus+ Youth Exchange @ Krško, Slovenia


Nowadays, more and more people and young people are concerned about their lifestyle, about their health and good habits, so they are always looking for a healthy life based on organic food and sports.

The project Recipe for health: eating good food & doing some sports brought together young people from 5 countries: Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey and Germany, young people who are interested in building a healthy lifestyle. The project was held in Krsko, Slovenia. For 7 days, more than 25 young people learned in an informal way, which are the healthy products and superfood that we should use and how to create and cook this good food. They had also, the opportunity to taste traditional food from each country and share impressions, good habits and cooking traditions. The participants did sport activities, fitness, bootybarre, and they find out from specialists the importance of the sports for their life and body. As well, they learned how to count their BMI (The body mass index) and what means their result.

Because this project was an Erasmus+ project, and for some of the participants this project has been the first experience, there were workshops about the Erasmus+ and Youthpass characteristics, which helped them to get in contact with this world full of great experiences.
The young people wanted to disseminate information and share their knowledge, therefore they joined their forces and created and administrated a Facebook page. On this page was posted moments from the project, relevant information, experiences and photos. For doing this activity in a safe way, it was a workshop about safe on internet, from which they received important information about nowadays problems on internet and share tips and tricks about programmes and digital tools.

Most of the skills are formed through practical work, therefore the participants had fun, worked in team and made smoothies, raw desserts and created 3 different types of natural cosmetics: lip balm, body scrub and deodorant.

The young people proved their new gained skills through the project. They worked in teams and planned, managed activities for children and elderly people from Krsko.
During this project, the participants learned from the other’s experiences and improved their personal and professional development, gained good information for their lifestyle, while they had fun and also socialized with their new friends.

Check out photos from the youth exchange here on this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/fitt.timisoara/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1505142862853954