Between September 28 and October 6, youth Exchange will stand up for tolerance, in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, which will bring together 36 young people and youth workers from Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Romania and Portugal. Youth Exchange aims to encourage young people to be tolerant with members of other ethnic minorities, nationalities, races, migrants, people with other sexual orientations and other groups, one of the main goals being the awareness that we all have Equal rights. Participants will learn about hatred speech, its manifestation and effects, and as the largest dissemination channel is the Internet and social media, they will learn how to interpret media content. During the project, participants will conduct a campaign to promote tolerance and fight against hate incitement. In the project, participants will improve their knowledge of English, connect friends with young people from other countries, develop their public speaking skills and teamwork, learn how to support their opinion and develop many other Skills. Participants must be 18 to 30 years of age and, at the same time, being a project financed by the EU through the Erasmus + programme, accommodation, mass and activities will be provided by the organizers, and the transport will be provided by the FITT, being subsequently settled By the organizers through Erasmus + funding. More details you can find here. To be able to benefit from this opportunity, fill out this form.