The specifications shall form an integral part of the award documentation and constitute all the requirements on the basis of which each tenderer, the technical-financial offer, is drawn up. The required requirements will be considered as minimal. In this regard, any offer submitted, which deviates from the provisions of the specifications, shall be taken into account, but only to the extent that the technical proposal implies the assurance of a higher quality level for the minimum requirements of the specifications. The offer of products/services with characteristics inferior to those provided for in the specifications draws disqualification from the tenderer. Technical specifications indicating a particular origin, source, production, special process, factory or trade mark, an invention patent, a manufacturing licence shall be mentioned only for the purpose of easily identifying the type of product/service and not Have the effect of favouring or eliminating certain economic operators or certain products/services. These specifications shall be deemed to have the words ' or equivalent '. The services suntnecesare the conduct of direct and indirect activities within the project titled "Innovation Center and excellence in the field of public youth policies", cod SIPOCA 351/SMIS2014 + 112332.   The event services are composed of the following:


Technical Specs

Events Organizing Services Project launch conference-Coffee Break (coffee/tea/100 ml/pers; Mineral water/payment/500 ml; Pastry 75 g/pers; Cookies 75 g/pers) – 60 people only once a day:-Catering a single date to lunch in the form of a Swedish buffet for 60 participants in the locations where the event is held, cold food-roller Cordon Bleu (min 40g/person), chicken Roll (min 40g/ person), Roll of Muchiulet (min 40g/person), schnitzel of chicken breast with sesame (min 40g/person), Cheese bubbles (min 70g/person), cheese feta (min 40g/person), Tomatoes and natural peppers (min 60g/person), olives (min 40g/person), mushrooms Stuffed cheese (min 80g/person), meatball Pig (min 100g/person), tomatoes with eggplant (min 100g/person), cucumbers and natural peppers (min 60g/person), tofu (min 40g/person), bread cheese with figs (min 40g/person) warm food (consisting of Two varieties of food: pork meat (150 g/person), chicken meat (150 g/person) plus 2 types of gasket (250 g/person) and 2 types of salads-150 g/person), juice 250 ml/person, water 500 ml/person, coffee, tea 100 ml/pers. -Provision of photo-video services for the event-live transmission of the event-offering welcome package for each participant containing: custom map, custom pen, folded with project description, custom ecological net (paper, A4 size), custom USB Stick 8 GB (these must be marked with the project logos according to the visual Identity Manual, polychromy)-the event will be held in Timisoara, the House of Youth, 19 Arieş Str. The exact date will be communicated at least 15 days before the event..

  The price of the public procurement contract is firm, expressed in MDL for the entire period of the contract's supply. The provider shall be responsible for the quality of the services rendered, the contracting authority being entitled to request the relocation of the services in relation to the requirements of the specifications. The period of payment shall be 30 days from the signing, without objections, by the reception committee, of the Minutes of receipt, on the basis of the invoice issued by the provider. Payment is made with O.P.   Specifications services organizing Events-conference launching the project SIPOCA 351SMIS2014 + 112332 forms Organizing Services Events-conference launching the project SIPOCA 351SMIS2014 + 112332 MODEL Contract Services Events organizing-project Launch Conference SIPOCA 351SMIS2014 + 112332 Solicitation Services event organizing Events-launch conference of the project SIPOCA 351SMIS2014 + 112332