During July – September 2018, the Ministry of Youth and Sports organizes its own project, summer school 2018 – National training programme. The program comprises several modules aimed at young people, and courses are free, accommodation costs, mass and training being borne by MTS. The value of the ferry Transport for module 4 to be carried out in Sulina is also supported. Timiş County was assigned 8 seats for 4 modules, as follows: Module 1 – Participation in society's life by volunteering the venue: Poiana Pine Leisure Centre, Jud. Buzau Period: 10-16.08.2018 number of seats allocated to Timiş County: 1 Module 3 – Accessing youth funds (Erasmus + and MTS funds) Venue: National Sport Complex Izvorul Mures, Jud. Harghita Period: 18 – 24.08.2018 number of seats allocated to Timiş County: 4 Module 4-Entrepreneurship and employment venue: Sulina Recreation Centre, Jud. Tulcea Period: 03-09.09.2018 number of seats allocated to Timiş County: 2 Module 5 – Acquiring skills of youth worker – accredited course ANC Venue: Leisure Center 2 May, Jud. Constanţa the deployment period 04-10.09.2018 number of seats allocated to Timiş County: 1 The project is dedicated to young people aged between 18 and 35 years, residing in Timiş county. Those interested are asked to register between July 18 – August 1, 2018, by submitting a letter of intent from which the motivation to participate in this program, a CV and a copy of the identity card to the djst.timis@mts.ro e-mail address is made.