Please send us the technical-financial offer for the execution of the fitting works, necessary for the project titled "Old but Gold festival", as described in the specifications below, acquirer: County Foundation for Youth Tims. Specification No. 1693A/23.10.2018 Acquisition works The specifications are an integral part of the award documentation and shall constitute all the requirements on the basis of which the tenderer is drawn up by a technical-financial offer. The required requirements will be considered to be minimal. In this respect, any offer submitted, which deviates from the provisions of the specifications, shall be taken into account, but only in so far as the technical proposal implies that the minimum requirements of the specifications are to be assured of a qualitative level. Tenders with characteristics lower than those provided for in the specifications or which do not satisfy the requirements of the specifications shall be declared non-compliant. Any technical specifications indicating a particular origin, source, production, special process, factory or trade mark, an invention patent, a manufacturing licence shall be mentioned only for the purpose of easily identifying the product type and not Have the effect of favouring or eliminating certain economic operators or certain products/services. These specifications shall be deemed to have the words ' or equivalent '. The work is necessary to conduct direct and indirect activities within the project "Old but Gold Festival", Project won in the contest organized by the Ministry of Culture and National identity, as follows:  

Nr. Crt. Product/Service Name Specifications Um Amount  
1 Exhibition space Works repair, cleaning and sanitation of exhibition space: Walls and ceiling – total area 570 sqm Pcs. 1
2 Art Gallery Decorating Works Screed autonivelantă Total area 170 sqm, minimum 5 cm thick; Repairs, cleaning and sanitation-total area 50 sqm Pcs. 1
3 Works Theatre Studio Design Screed autonivelantă Total area 70 sqm, minimum 5 cm thick; repair, cleaning and sanitation Theatre Studio: walls and ceiling – total area 290 sqm Pcs. 1
4 Works of Ceramic Workshop Repairs, cleaning and hygiene – walls and ceilings – total area 170 sqm Pcs. 1
5 Decorating Works Workshop Painting Repairs, cleaning and hygiene – walls and ceilings – total area 130 sqm Pcs. 1

  Award criteria offer the most avatanjoasă medically Economic concerns:

  1. Offer price 50.00%-50 points

Calculation algorithm: score = (lowest price offer/price bidder (n)) x maximum score (50)

  1. Execution term (expressed in days) 50%-50 points

Calculation algorithm:

  1. For the lowest of the terms offered for providing the services subject to the contract and granting 50 points.
  2. For a period other than that foreseen in (a). A) score is given as follows: P = minimum bid term/bid term (n)] x maximum score [50]. The term of execution which is subject to Contractuui must be 30 days maximum. Deadlines for execution greater than 30 days will be declared non-compliant.

Other requirements/Specifications: A price offer shall be made for each of the abovementioned premises indicating the price per individual space. The work shall be performed within 29 days from the date of completion of the procurement procedure. The total available budget is 40,500 RON (excl. VAT) The price of the purchase contract is firm, expressed in MDL for the entire duration of the contract. The provider will be responsible for the quality of the work delivered, the purchaser being entitled to request the free replacement of impaired or inappropriate works with the requirements of the specifications. Details of the method of payment, are negotiated when signing the contract. Tenders are submitted physically at the headquarters of the County Foundation for Youth Timiş-Secretariat (str. Arieş. 19, Timişoara, Jud. Timiş) or online on the email address office@fitt.ro until 23.10.2018 at the latest in the range 10:00-13:00.   Project coordinator, Mihai-Adrian Valentin