The European body of Solidarity is the new European Union initiative that gives young people the chance to volunteer or engage in projects in their own country or abroad to help communities and people all over Europe. Solidarity projects are a specific type of projects within the body separate from those of voluntary or professional experience. Going over any confusion, these projects are an excellent starting point for the involvement of young people in the community. They have an extremely flexible and friendly approach, addressing not only youth organisations, but especially informal youth groups. So if you're young and you have a few friends with whom you feel you can approach a punctual need for the community, and not necessarily within an organization, these projects can be the most appropriate solution! A project of solidarity is implemented by young people, carried out at national level (thus not to have Trans-national partnership) and lasts between 2 and 12 months. In this way, young people have the opportunity to try innovative ideas, being directly and actively involved in planning, implementation, monitoring and dissemination of results. In order to be able to run and receive funding, there is a need for a group of minimum 5 young people (the so-called Informal youth Group), who will assume project management provided they are registered in the portal dedicated to the European body of solidarity. One of the five young people will assume the role of legal representative and will be the one to sign the contract. The project activities may also participate in other young people between 18 and 30 years old in addition to the five young people on the project team, complying with the same conditions as above. The deadline for the registration of projects is October 16, 2018. For more details, go to this link.