Timiş County Youth Foundation launches Innovation and excellence Centre in the field of public policy Youth County Youth District Timiş (FITT) launches on 25 July the Centre of Innovation and excellence in public policy field of youth. The launch event will take place from 18 pm to the Timisoara Youth House – behind the house.   Representatives from non-governmental organisations, authorities and public institutions will participate in the event, together with social partners and other citizens interested in the field of public youth policies. The Centre has the main aim of formulating and promoting alternative proposals to public policies initiated by the Government in the field of youth policies. These proposals will be carried out at national, regional and local level, by facilitating social and civic dialogue between the various actors of companies (non-governmental organisations, social partners, staff from local public authorities and institutions, Regional and national citizens). The Romanian public administration at Central and local level has undergone major transformations. Despite the positive developments recorded, it still presents a number of shortcomings, focusing more on the formal side of the administration's work. The project "Innovation Centre and excellence in the field of public youth policies" aims to support public dialogue between authorities, public institutions and civil society. It will take place between May 2018-July 2019, in partnership with the Western University of Timisoara. For the consolidation and functioning of this Centre, the project provides for objectives that support the development of organisations and social actors in areas such as advocacy, civic dialogue, forms and public policy promotion. A thematic network of national cooperation in the field of youth policies will also be carried out, which will have at least 300 representatives created and functional with at least 300 members of civil society and public institutions. They will benefit from training and guidance programmes for formulating and promoting public youth policies. The project was selected under the Operational programme administrative capacity, cofinanced by the European Union, from the European Social Fund, cod SIPOCA/MySMIS 351/112332. The total value of the project is 953,954.51 (co-financing the County Youth Foundation Timiş – 13,410.05, co-financing West University Timişoara – 5,669.04). Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT) is an umbrella organization for non-governmental youth organisations in Timiş County. With 30 member organisations and over 27 years of uninterrupted activity, FITT is the most important and oldest youth NGO in western Romania. The programmes and activities implemented by the FITT extend to a wide range, from social activities to disadvantaged young people to cultural or active citizenship programmes and to the development of public policies at local and national level. – www.fitt.ro. Press release