The Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT) opens the project "Promoting volunteering among students", which will be conducted between July and November 2018, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport.   Promoting volunteering among students The project aims to promote volunteering and volunteering to increase the involvement of students in society. Through this, a development of spriritului of active citizenship is pursued within students, through communication and collaboration with the members of the local community. In a European and national context where students have difficulty in finding a job, volunteering can be a starting point in achieving a professional experience. The project aims to raise students ' awareness of the opportunities offered by volunteering and the possibility of engaging in voluntary actions to develop the skills and attitudes needed in the process of obtaining A job. Under the law of Volunteering 78/2014, the volunteer experience can be considered professional experience if the work is done in the field of studies. Thus, by volunteering, skills and skills can be gained, practicing and improving the behaviors and attitudes necessary for the development of young people. The project also aims to increase the visibility of volunteering and its social and economic importance. Thus, during the project implementation, members of the student organisations will have three training courses for students, which will have topics such as: Community and student involvement in volunteer activities, attracting Volunteers, coordination of volunteers and development of sustainable and impactful projects with the help of volunteers. At least 75 students will develop their skills in the implementation of volunteer-based activities in the context of social involvement. After this training programme, there will be 10 local dissemination events, which will be achieved through the youth workers enrolled in the program. The project is made in partnership with the National Alliance of Romanian Student Organisations (ANOSR) – Bucharest, the Romanian Psychologists Association (harsh) – Cluj-Napoca, the student organisation of the West University of Timisoara, The student organization of the University of Tehnicădin Cluj-Napoca, the Iaşi Prime Association and the Students League of the Faculty of automation and Computers Timişoara. Notices for the three training courses can be tracked on the www.fitt.ro website.   Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT) is an umbrella organization for non-governmental youth organisations in Timiş County. With 30 member organisations and over 27 years of uninterrupted activity, FITT is the most important and oldest youth NGO in western Romania. The programs and activities implemented by FITT extend to a wide range, from social activities for disadvantaged youths to cultural programs or active citizenship and the development of public policies at local and national level – www.fitt.ro.