Let's promote volunteering and his magic together! Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT) invites you to volunteer under the Volunteer Art voluntary program, carried out under the project "Art Voluntari". The project takes place between July and December 2018, with the support of the city Hall of Timisoara and in partnership with the Timişoara-European Capital Cultural Association. Timişoara is readily readily prepared for the European Cultural Capital Programme 2021. FITT invites you to promote volunteering and how it can be an important component in running the programme, what are the opportunities for involvement and how we can, together, put up actions and cultural-artistic programmes of interest to Timișoreni. Last but not least, we invite you together to voice the volunteer stories in the community and let them inspire those who have volunteered so far. Below detail our invitation to join the team, the profile of the volunteer we are looking for and the responsibilities you will have if you join us. Very important to mention – the responsibilities we will outline together, at the meeting, depending on your interests and the things you want to learn. That is why we invite you to fill in with Sârguinciozitate and an application form whereby we can get to know you better. He's down below. Duration of Volunteering: 15 November 2018 – 20 December 2018 Place of work: Timişoara Volunteer Profile:

  • It is available to participate in the 2 courses to be held in the following period on the topics:
    • 16-18 November-Management of volunteers in cultural-artistic organizations
    • 7-9 December – Sustainable voluntary programmes in the cultural and artistic field
  • It has communication skills, networking, flexibility, organizational spirit, initiative;
  • It has enthusiasm, taking tasks and pro-activity;
  • He is attentive to detail, has organizational spirit and likes to work as a team;
  • It has the capacity to work under pressure and to find solutions to the challenges that have arisen;
  • Has distributive attention, ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • He likes to work with people
  • Consider volunteering a personal value
  • Microsoft Office minimum PC operation;
  • is an advantage: experience volunteering in the fields: organizing artistic cultural events, facilitating workshops/seminars/trainings

Responsibilities of the volunteer:

  • Participate in the training courses to take place as follows:
    • 16-18 November-Management of volunteers in cultural-artistic organizations
    • 7-9 December – Sustainable voluntary programmes in the cultural and artistic field
  • Organizes and facilitates at least 3 workshops in the Western University of Timisoara on the topic-promoting volunteering and identifying instruments of appropriate volunteering activities
  • contributes to the presentation of workshops in Wut and provides feedback on their format
  • Conducting interviews with the organizers of volunteer activities in the artistic-cultural field
  • Write articles and postings about volunteering in the cultural-artistic field, the benefits of volunteering, volunteer stories, etc.
  • Draw up short activity records according to the procedure laid down in this respect and the time limits laid down
  • Promotes the activities of the Poriectului ARTVoluntaria and the Timişoara programme – European Cultural Capital 2021
  • contributes to organizing cultural-artistic events organized by FITT during the volunteer period
  • Actively participates in business planning meetings, feedback and evaluation meetings.

Application procedure: Those interested are asked to fill in the application form from here until 12 November inclusive. Only volunteers selected for the second stage of the selection process will be contacted – Group meeting dated November 15th, 16.00. For details and clarifications please contact us at anamaria.gradinariu@fitt.ro and florentina.chiru@fitt.ro. Come join us! Successful!