The Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT) invites you to participate in the training course in the field of public policy for youth, which will be held between 24-28 November, in Bucharest. Program: 24-28 November, 09:30-18:30 who can participate? -Representatives of non-governmental organisations for youth who wish to engage actively and with results in decision making at local and national level. -Representatives of public authorities and institutions with responsibilities in the field of public policy for youth. Seats are limited-25 participants-selection is made following completion of this form (deadline for registration: 15 November 2018, at 23:59:59). The objectives of the course: • Developing the skills of understanding the processes of consultation and participation in the field of public policies for youth. • Experimentation of methods of consultation and analysis for the development of public policies for youth. • Experimentation of methods of evaluation and monitoring of public policies for youth. At the end of the course participants will be able to: • Identify the framework for elaboration and implementation of public policies; • Analyze opportunities for formulations of public policy; • Formulate public policies relevant to the youth sector; • Participate in monitoring and evaluation of public policies. The trainers of the Bucharest course from 24-28 November 2018 are Ana-Maria gardener and Irina Laing. Participation can be done within the limit of 1 Person/organization. The selection of participants will be made following the completion of this entry form. Selected participants will receive information about the results of the selection process by 15 November 2018 at the latest. For this course the Timiş Youth County Foundation (FITT) covers training costs, textbooks, coffee breaks and lunch for each day of training. Accommodation and transport costs are not covered. The course is part of the project "Innovation Centre and excellence in the field of public youth policies", selected under the Operational programme administrative capacity, cofinanced by the European Union, from the European Social Fund, Code SIPOCA/ MySMIS 351/112332. The project comprises 6 similar training courses in the field of public policy for youth. Details below: • Baia Mare, 10-14 November 2018 • Bucharest, 24-28 November 2018 • Timişoara, 10-14 December 2018 • Brasov, 21-25 January 2019 • Iaşi/Craiova, 9-13 February 2019 • Craiova/Iaşi, 2-6 March 2019 through this form you can make registration For the course to be held in Bucharest between 24-28 November 2018. More details about the project are found here: https://fitt.ro/centru-de-inovatie-si-excelenta-politici-publice-tineret/.