The Timiş Youth County Foundation hosts a concert with energetic rhythms, with young artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal and Serbia. The members of Farra Fanfarra and Music for Human rights come for the first time in Timisoara on August 26, 2018, starting at 19:00, at the back of the house. The band of Music for Human Rights was formed in an Erasmus + project with the same name, attended by young people from 5 countries, and the pieces created will be sung in the first place behind the Youth House of Timisoara (Arieş Street Nr. 19). Members of the band Farra Fanfarra, originating in Portugal, are presented as specialists in collective euphoria and are notable for the creation and transmission of music in a special way. To bring art closer to timișoreni and attract young people to culture, FITT offers the public the opportunity to participate free of charge at this international cultural event, conducted with the support of the Erasmus + programme. FITT continues to promote young artists, thus offering the city quality cultural events, thus supporting the Timişoara European capital of Culture 2021. Moreover, the youth of Timiş County and not only, are invited to use the spaces made available by FITT in the House of Youth in Timisoara. In the context of supporting the cultural development of young people and the support of the Timişoara programme European Capital of Culture 2021, three new cultural spaces dedicated to youth and the community were inaugurated this summer:-A summer garden for Events (over 600MP), ready to host concerts, artistic performances, theaters or even book launches/albums, a theater studio, arranged in a former garage, equipped with stage, curtain, lights, chairs for spectators for theatrical performances, But which can also be used for debates or conferences, an art gallery (over 150MP), created in an unconventional space, equipped with lights and exhibition systems for artistic works, prepared for the opening of some painting exhibitions or drawings or sculpture exhibitions. Access to the August 26 event is free of charge and is made from 18.00. More details about the event can be found by accessing: https://www.facebook.com/events/256166135014207/.