By 29 october, Young Timișoreni may join initiatives within the Com ' On Timişoara project that help them become super heroes of the Community. The purpose of the Com ' on Timişoara project is to conduct a participatory process based on the involvement of young people in the Community. On the basis of the results obtained, the Timiş County Foundation for Youth will award initiatives by informal groups of young people in the locality related to the objective of the competition, namely to implement projects in different locations in Timisoara. The strategic objective is to create a portfolio of up to 20 projects proposed by young people and addressed to the local community, projects that will contribute to the active participation of inhabitants in community life, will be carried out in public spaces and Community and will provide free access without a financial barrier (ticket). The total budget allocated directly to cultural, educational, sporting, civic, etc. activities. Expected to be achieved will be about 47,000 Lei (including the related fees). The maximum budget for a project proposal is 2000 Lei. The project aims to involve the citizens of Timisoara in a democratic process of deliberation and decision to establish the optimum way of spending (part of) the public budget. "COM ' ON timişoara" is the name chosen for this Initiative. COM ' ON wants to convey the spirit of this project, the fact that it is a project of the whole community, but it also contains a common urge used in english, a kind of come, which calls for Participation. The Project's mission is to strengthen the role and support given to young people and informal groups formed by them in their active participation in the change of society, through a process of sustainable, responsible and inclusive urban development, By sharing space, culture, power, labour, joy, Common European vision and values, addressing topics such as empowering and supporting young people, mobility, information and structured dialogue within a one-year programme timişoara, which is framed in the local youth Strategy. Participation is open to any group of initiatives consisting of at least 3 young people living in Timişoara (including pupils or students enrolled in an educational institution in timisoara) and aged between 14 and 35 Years. There is no restriction on preparation/experience, gender, ethnicity, etc.  Only team initiatives are accepted, and a team of the same name and having the same members can propose a maximum of 3 initiatives. Objectives of the Initiative:

  • To involve the local community through youth projects and activities;
  • To activate young people and their organisations in this urban development process;
  • To increase sustainable cooperation between local, national and European organisations;
  • To create a sustainable partnership between local authorities, young people, youth NGOs and other institutions with responsibility in the youth sector;
  • Create sustainable participation mechanisms for young people and create better career opportunities for talented young people;
  • Create the necessary conditions to support innovations, creative ideas of young people;
  • To create sustainable financial mechanisms to support youth projects and Structures. 

COM ' ON Timişoara is a project developed and implemented by the Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT) with funding from the city Hall of Timisoara through the Non-refundable funding programme allocated from the local budget for activities and youth of local interest according to HCL 40/29.07.2016. The project was initiated together with the support given by the PONT group, originator of the program with the same name from Cluj-Napoca. More details, regulation and registration form can be found on the project Website: Timisoara.com-on.ro.