Book Donation Campaign for the Library of Electrotimiş Technical College in Timisoara! What book would you like to discover in high school? For this beginning of the school year we aim to give a new blow to the library of the Electrotimiş Technical College in Timisoara, to enrich it with new books, whose authors awaken in high school the desire to seek further away from school textbooks.

Thus, by the end of October, the Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT Timisoara) awaits you at the Youth House of Timisoara (Nr. Arieş Street). 19) To donate a book you would have liked to discover in high school. The collection point for this campaign will be in the main lobby, on the ground floor, in the back-in the area called ES Space. We also encourage the transmission of high school pupils thoughts through these books! ? If you need more details about this campaign, send an email to the address mihaela.manoiu93@gmail.com.