On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, starting at 17:00, at the Youth House, will take place the ALL the ZIP for youth event, the largest youth meeting in Timisoara, which aims to compile the contribution of each of us to the candidacy of our city, located in The final for the European Capital of youth in the year 2020. Now Timişoara has reached the finals for the title of the European Capital of youth in the year 2020, and on 1 October 2017 will submit the latest version of the candidacy, which will also include the 3-year calendar (Years of Preparation: 2018 and 2019, but especially the year 2020, the one for which I applied for the application). For this, it takes all of us! The candidacy is designed by the profile of young people in Timisoara, according to their needs, but also by our complex profile, of all those who provide services, implement activities, projects and programmes with, for young people. The purpose of this candidate is not only to create new elements, but also to promote the events of tradition, to support new projects, but already planned that they will take place, as well as to collect project ideas, which, through combined efforts, can become Reality!  The goal of the ZIP of Youth participation program is to show all the young people in Europe all the events, with and for young people who have and will take place in Timişoara. So this is the moment when we collect the activities, projects and events that all of us, within the bodies we actively have already planned, but also the ones to which, for now, we only dream! We want to bring together NGOs, public institutions, companies, and unrelated youths! Everyone is welcome to bring their input. The common denominator represents ideas, projects, events, with and for young people. At this meeting – "All the ZIP for YOUTH" – we will put together, on 3 large calendars, all projects that will support the candidacy. Then we will see how the Preppers (2018, 2019), especially the year of the European Capital of Youth 2020, will look in the event of winning the title.

Event Agenda:

Exhibition Hall:

17:00 – 17.30: Registration of participants

Show Room:

17:30 – 17:45: Why did Timişoara have the courage to run for yet another title, and not one any?!

17:45 – 18:00: About the #Tm4EYC2020 concept

18:00-18:15: How we have prepared so far!

18:15 – 18:45: Presentation of digital infrastructure specifically designed to support and promote youth projects in Timisoara

18:45 – 19:30: Ideas for improvement and our contribution (intervention of participants)

Exhibition Hall:

19:30 – 21:00: Filling calendars for 3 years & submitting statements of support, while savoring delicious conversations, along with hot and cold drinks, to match!

We welcome you!!!