The project "Laboratory X" aims to develop young people's skills to implement and participate in non-formal education projects.   Thus, in order to achieve this main purpose, non-formal education methods will be applied in the project, and activities will also be carried out to develop skills of understanding, application and replication of education methods Non-formal. Following the project, participants will voluntarily organize and implement non-formal education activities in their communities of provenance, thereby promoting the benefits of non-formal education.   Participants ' profile:

  • Young people aged between 14 and 35 years old,
  • What are part of youth non-governmental organizations/student, pre/university or non-affiliated youth institutions,
  • Keen to acquire skills of understanding and applying non-formal education methods.

  The results obtained by the participants: skills:

  • Understanding of non-formal education methods;
  • Communication, by participating in group discussions and direct interacting with other participants;
  • Teamwork through active participation in working teams.


  • Implementation of non-formal education methods;
  • Development of their own non-formal education activities;
  • Adaptation of activities according to the specifics of the group.

  Facilitators Ana-Maria Gardener, Timiş Youth County Foundation – FITT Ana-Maria Gardener has been in the non-governmental environment for more than 14 years. He has experience in coordinating volunteers, developing, coordinating and implementing national and international projects, trainings, non-formal education programmes in schools and disadvantaged areas at national and international level. Areas. Its main expertise are the management of volunteers (training, impact assessment, evaluation of the results of learning gained through volunteering), human rights and social intervention (through methods used to develop skills, The values, attitudes and skills of communication with a view to the creation of bridges for community development and social inclusion). Ana-Maria believes in the power of learning contexts for young people and is the thing he does with the greatest drag. He is the number one fan of the Opresați Theatre (Forum Theatre, picture Theatre, Invisible Theatre) and 10 years old does not get tired of the three methods and their impact on the community, people. Believes in the potential of people as agents of change, is a dreamer and believes in the power of people to join, with solidarity and respect for diversity, to respect their rights, while being inspired by each other. Elena Lupoaea-Petre, the national organization of Romania's Scouts – the local centre Horizon Brasov Tromppy is the leader of the Scout, the coordinator of Local Horizon Braşov from the National organization of Romanian Scouts and trainer in the same Organisations. In every context in which it is located, Tromppy always meets people eager for a change in education, working with children and young people. This causes it even more to show society that the process of change always leaves us. She strongly believes that each of us has infinite resources for change and learning and that we can identify and develop them greatly through play and play.  Tromppy comes to laboratory X with positive thoughts that together with those present we will bring the socio-educational animation through treasure hunts and not only, closer to us, each, and closer to the communities we come from. invites you to build together treasure-hunts with a meaning. And of course, Tromppy's invitation will always be to be "ready at any time", as is the message of the Scouts, to help create a better world. Cosmin Catana, the active culture curve in the youth sector over the past 19 years, Cosmin is passionate about education – however she would be, but not at school. The initiator of a 100% private youth centre in rural areas is concerned with finding the right methods to descătușeze and achieve the full potential of young people. Superpower: Makes things simple. Disadvantages: Simple things are not easy. Jean-Baptiste Odobeștianu Jean-Baptiste Odobeștianu is muzicoterapeut certified in France, licensed in social pedagogy and founder of the TOTEM method. Over time he worked with different categories of people and developed projects for blind people, young institutionalised, people with Down syndrome or autistic spectrum disorders, and other disadvantaged categories. Also a trainer in Erasmus + projects.   The period of the project is 16-23 September, and the location is the home of the youth (STR. Arieş. 19). Registration is done by 1 September by completing this form. Insured costs: Accommodation for participants outside Timișoara and table for all participants are insured and held at the hotel in the House of Youth. At the same time, transport for participants outside Timișoara will be settled to the limit of 100 lei. More details can be found in the info-pack. The project is organized by the Timiş County Foundation for Youth (FITT), in partnership with the Culture Curve Association and is financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MTS). Contact Person: Dragoş Samoilă-Miruță, 0722 181 796.